This is just a sneak peek of the jellyfish ladies I have been working on. My thoughts have been absorbed by seacreatures lately and I came across some amazing vintage rickrack so this is what I have come up with. 

I have a few more to get some photos of this week so check back! 
In other news I can't believe I have barely been thrifting this week ... I'm having withdraw! Tomorrow is a holiday here in Manitoba, so pretty much everything will be CLOSED. It means I don't have class at the U of W, but can't really go anywhere either. I need more fiberfill and I NEEEED to go thrifting!
Besides that, Gwyn and Mike and I plan on having a family lunch date to enjoy the time together.

Anyone having some clever plans for a cold week?



Cassandra said...

Aaaack!! I knew they were going to be cool but these are fun, lovely, clever and so neato! Awesome job, Kami!

Sadly, I have no cold week plan suggestions. Maybe try a new recipe? Or check out craftgawker for some inspiration. Ooo! And there's a lovely lady who has a blog and she has a ton of kid-friendly crafts/projects. Acorn Pies is the name. I follow her too, so you can find her through my blog as well. (I guess I did have a couple suggestions up my sleeve, huh?) :)

Pamela Kirkpatrick said...

I love these! genius!

marysza said...

my cool week wont be cool at all! studying :(:(

i love your new sea creatures! they are really good! i love the one with the pastel colours! lovelyyyy!

Anzouya said...

These are so cute! You did a great job especially on the face features!

jake + cleo said...

great additions to your collection! I love their tentacles :)

marathon1981 said...

wow thanks for all the love! Gwyn and I did make some cupcakes so that counts for a recipe .. and i also have to study for school. We'll make it through! I really appreciate the encouragement from everyone!


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