Ladies to love

Well it has been another busy week of more making than finding, which can always be a good thing. These ladies are my latest sea creatures. I had one very small piece of this AMAZING headless fish fabric, straight from a wonderful customer from Japan. I wanted to make something super special from it and was inspired to make these octopus ladies.

I spend a lot of time stitching each of these mother-of-pearl buttons on for tentacle suckers, but it was quality time spent watching a movie with Mike at the same time!

These are the little mini monster hats that I made at knit night

I still have to finish the suckers on the yellow lady but it means another movie night.

I think they are the cutest ... I always want to keep them all!

Have a wonderful Valentines days! We are hanging out at home together as a family and enjoying the mind February weather we are having here in Winnipeg.



Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl said...

I love how much detail you put into them. They are awesome!

marysza said...

wow! they are really cute.. and they look very labour-consuming;d i love the bottom with lots of buttons!

PoetessWug said...

WOW! I admire your 'stick-to-itiveness' with all those buttons!! But, of course, when you have a good movie to watch while crafting, it makes all the difference! :-)

marathon1981 said...

Thanks ladies, they are definitely worth the labour (: I've got another special piece of fabric to work with so keep a look out (:

Cassandra said...

Kami, I love these gals! Very unique. I especially love the yellow one.

I do the same thing! I feel bad leaving Jon by himself all night while I crafty happily away in my room...so sometimes I'll bring out a piece of something to work on and we'll watch a movie together. :)

Emms said...

Your new ladies are so hip and fab!


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