Gray times

I can stop making elephantmonster people. These are my latest creatures, in addition to some more armless rabbit men which I will show you later on.

and some ladies!

I can't believe it is already February. There are a lot of activities going on around here. 
One midterm test in statistics = conquered (I hope!) and I had my first class at Martha Street Studio today. I found out yesterday afternoon that I have been accepted to their Youth Mentorship Program, which is 12 weeks of learning different print making techniques including silkscreen (dream come true!) and block printing. 

I will be sure to show you some of my projects when we are able to take them home ... oil based inks take some time to dry. This program is twice a week after work for 3 hours, so that is on top of working full time and 8:30am school three times a week ... and being a good mum and wife ... and making monsters on the side! 

Can you tell I like to keep busy? So far so good! I'm super duper pumping full of inspiration and ideas which start flowing like crazy when I get busy, which I why I love it. 

I should have some more Found it! and 9 things I like posts for next week. Haven't had much shopping time this week.



PoetessWug said...

Looks like lots of congratulations are in order!!! I'm happy for you...And I'm tired just reading your busy schedule! LOL I guess it's working for you though!

marysza said...

wow, i would love to go on some learning printing techniques, we dont have something like this here.. and as usually i love your elephant creatures, and thats a great idea with boy and girl elephants! ;d

Cassandra said...

I'm glad you can't stop making them, b/c I cannot stop checking your shop for new elephant monsters! I love these guys. You are on my list of shops to "treat" myself with...one of these days...

marathon1981 said...

oh so much elephant love! Thanks and thanks (: Lemme know if you have favorite colours cuz the fabric is what gives me the ideas most times!


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