Found it!

It feels so good to have some finds to show off once again! It has been a busy time but I've managed to collect a few new objects ... check out this vintage record player. Everything seems to work, although the needle is pretty used and the record is scratched, but it has a unique sound of its own!

This lovely sunflower mug has two matching friends for a nice set of three

I love the olive green of this little pyrex casserole in perfect shape

I don't really use trivets, but this design caught my eye and I didn't realize what it was all about until I saw the back ...

so cute, and it has come in handy!

I recently found this larger cactus all by it's lonesome, paired with the two shorties I found another time, it makes for a nice little shaker desert

beautiful table runners makes me wish for a nice long hallway table 

and another perfect floral enamel pot.

Hope your treasure hunts have been a success! 



PoetessWug said...

Nice finds! I particularly love your cactus condiment holders. :-)

marathon1981 said...

why thankyou (: Cacti have a special place in my heart did you know!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I haven't been doing so well on my hunts lately - pass on the magic ok?

jake + cleo said...

nice finds! I'm drawn to orange and green...looks like you are too :)


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