This weekend I finally got my hair cut again. It has been a little while and I've been getting shaggier than I'd like ....

my sweet mum got me a gift certificate to our hairstylists new salon and I decided to brave bangs again. I find I get tired of worrying about them after a time and try to grown them out ... but I think this time I will keep them for a while. I'm not a hair person and I just want the cut to do all the work for me. Plus the fact that I keep my hair under a bandana at work all day, I don't want to look totally hat-haired after work if I have to run somewhere. Basically I feel cute and I think this cut will work for a while!

After taking these photos Gwyn and I had some fun with the photobooth program and she was pushing me out of the way to play with it!

This week is reading week for university students, so no class, but I'm trying not to get behind in all my projects! Custom orders, exam next week, coming craft shows, work each day, family time and sleep somewhere in there too.



marysza said...

oh your new haircut is nice! very nice!;d

wish you luck with your exams!

Cassandra said...

Cute! You girlies are funny together. :)

I need a haircut too. But I'm scared. I've been growing it out for Locks of Love. And it's gonna be really short...when I get brave enough to go through with it. And I have no idea what I want! Eeek! Anyway, you gals are cute.

jake + cleo said...

Fun times! Nice do.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

two cuties!

PoetessWug said...

Cute bangs...on both of you! :-) Not as attractive as the fun house booths though, huh?!. LOL

marathon1981 said...

Thanks loves! Cassandra you should just do it! I had to realize hair just keeps coming and I need to have fun with it ... i used to have really long hair and it was just too heavy to deal with haha


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