Up front!

I just discovered I was featured on Etsy's front page early this morning! It is always a very exciting discovery when you realize hundreds of people might have been looking at your work all at once. 
New ideas have been coming and I am looking forward to listing a new batch of creatures and treaures in the shop over the weekend. 

Usually the only thing that stops me from listing all the time is finding the right time to take photos. Working during the day and coming home in the dark doesn't help, but the days are steadily getting longer and spring shall be upon us before we know it ... I hope!

Early morning statistics class, work, Gwyn and finding time to send with Mike have been keeping by pretty busy these days, but we are happy and healthy. I hope you are too!



marysza said...

wow! congratulations! ;d

PoetessWug said...

Congrats on your front page! Exciting!!...I just stopped by to say hi. I followed the link from 'Flight of the Pook'. Stop by my backyard and say hi sometime! :-)


marathon1981 said...

Thanks a million! Coming over to say hi now (:


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