As promised, here are a few more of the elephant monsters I have been creating lately. 

They have been so much fun to make, I love choosing earth tones and pairing them with wacky vintage patterns and colours. 

Most of the bodies are made from old wool suiting remnants that I find at thrift stores. The bodies of the two fellows below were fabric gifts from friends who know my style and colours!

This afternoon this rabbit creature was also born. His inspiration came from the fact that I was tired of turning arms, so he didn't get any ... I had one ear made for a trial experiment, the legs were going to be for something else and the felt for the face was laying closest to my chair. I love the way he came out, purely by accident! Do you ever create just using whatever is closest to you? I'd love to know if any one else works this way because it happens to me quite often (:

Have a wonderful Sunday evening!



marysza said...

oh myyy i love that rabbit!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!! is it for sale or something?? i adore it seriously i will be dreaming about this cute rabbit;d

your daughter must be in heaven when she sees those new creature every day;d

PoetessWug said...

Very cute!!...And yes, my 'Wuglyee Remnant Scarves' happened just like that a lot of the time...whatever was close by! :-)

Cassandra said...

These guys are adorable!

Usually it takes me for.ev.er to pick out just the right fabric. But sometimes even that doesn't work so at any given time I'll have a few extra ears and tails cut out that didn't end up w/their original owner. But then later on - I'll randomly pull from my bag of pieces and use them for a different plushie - and it turns out great! Something to be said for spontaneity. Sometimes. (Mostly it's scarey for me) :)


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