Found it!

Can you believe it ... more pyrex goodness. I think I have a problem now ... my husband needs to be reassured that I am going to part with some of it ... but it is all so pretty! I found a matching little snowflake pattern bowl in white to keep the blue one company ...

and another lovely sunflower piece. The smaller one I found previously already has a new home

this lovely enamel plate is in such good shape all but for one chip on the rim and it's made in Poland which made me think of Marysza!

Every time I find vintage kids dresses I wish like crazy they would make dresses like this in my size

I have a new love of fortrel for the way it holds it's shape. I did find a black fortrel skirt for me but a black skirt isn't that exciting in photos!

of course some lovely vintage ceramic figurines. This is the second squirrel thermometer I have come across ... I wonder if this means it's a collection?

little kitties from West Germany ... too cute!



marysza said...

hehe, that plate is from Poland? seriously? if it is from Poland it could be from a company EMALIA OLKUSZ where my boy's brother works now xd they still make old vintage looking plates etc.

that plate is lovely;d
and so are those dresses, i want this yellow one in my size please ;D

and that blue and white bowls are lovely, kinda.. snowy;d

marysza said...

oh i forgot to mention that im organising a small candy, if you want you can participate! :)

so hop onto my blog if your interested;d

marathon1981 said...

oh you are so lovely! I will participate! that sounds like a great idea to get to know more blogs.

Also I have to mail you a few small things, you are my winner from the rabbit giveaway at the yoga blog AND something for the pay it forward so you will see something in the mail in a little while!

PoetessWug said...

Nice finds!...I love the red enamel plate with the little flowers. So cute!! :-)


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