Found it!

This weekend's finds were full of beautiful sunny colours which I am missing in the winter wonderland sometimes! MORE amazing pyrex! Some scuffs on this set of bowls but no chips and they are as bright as ever.

and one little yellow square bowl ... we always need more icecream bowls in our house

I was very excited to find this brilliant cast iron enameled pot hidden in a pile of ugly pots and pans at the  sallyann. It is really heavy too. This beauty is waiting for a new home with some new treasures at Where the Wool Things Are.

and then I found another! Smaller but such bright colours!

my favorite find this week has to be this crazy mad cat tin tray. 

Have a great monday!



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

gee! looks like I shoulda ditched work and come thrift shopping with you instead! love the bowls!!!

marysza said...

omg where do you find those beauties!

marathon1981 said...

I guess I just have the thrifting magic on my side! ... and I go like allll the time (:


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