Found it!

Well the wonderful holidays are over and stores have been open so we've been treasure hunting once again! Gwyn and I found this great little toy iron made by Tonka. I didn't know Tonka made girls toys, but it is the same tough metal the tractors come in and it has all the real to life settings too!

This little velvet jumper dress made me want to have a little baby again ... or at least be an auntie to a little girl I can spoil with tiny things.

I don't know how to knit yet, but I had to have these pattern books, just for the covers 

Somehow the children look unimpressed at having those hoods on.

Some more great floral pots

I remember aluminum pots from when I was a kid ... are they even safe to cook in anymore?

the little snowflake one is made in Poland

and a sweet metal tool box with a storage compartment inside. Score!

Have a fabulous monday! Mine is a day off!


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