I've been a busy bee

Well I thought that the making rush was coming to a close for the season but not just yet! I've had a bunch of custom requests from local friends including this sweet little grumpy elephant man ...

and projects for gifts ... this Bob Vila character is for my dad. 

and of course more sloths! I've been having so much fun keeping busy. 

I can't WAIT for Christmas eve this year. My brother is home from teaching english in Japan for the holidays so it will be our whole family together again after more than a year. Gwyn is old enough to remember traditions now so we are also starting our own at home. 
I think the first will be sleeping in Christmas morning and having breakfast together before we run to see what is under the tree.

What are you looking forward to the most from your traditions?



Abbey and Chloe said...

Haha! Those are absolutely adorable. :) Happy Holidays!

-Abbey F.

marysza said...

omg Kami your new creatures are great!!!!! really!!! i love them! ;o

turtledove said...

i am loving the grumpy elephant man.

jes said...

nice blog!

shaina said...

oh my gosh... the elephant is my favorite!! i collect them.
here from FN. you have such a cute blog!!

Piper said...

The Bob Vila made me LOL. My dad would like something like that, too. What a great blog and fun shop you have! I'm glad I found you (thanks to Freckled Nest)!

erinmakesitwork said...

I kind of wish that grumpy elephant man would randomly appear under my Christmas tree.

marathon1981 said...

Thanks for the sweet comments lovely ladies! I hope your holidays have been super awesome!


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