Found it!

Now that craft sale season has come to a close for me, I've been back on the hunt and this was a good week! I have a huge weakness for great coloured granny square blankets. They remind me of my great grandfather's old house, which is probably a subconscious place in my mind that influences a lot of mind finds. This big double bed sized blanket had a great smell too, you can tell someone took care of it and it was from a clean home.

These enameled flower brooches remind me of something I can't put my finger on as well. I love the colour combination of this big beauty.

Another sweet little house shelf with a chimney and everything. Just the right size for some robots.

This german/dutch style dress is made of such sturdy cotton canvas type material and the embroidery is pretty swell

Gwyn had fun being my little model with her braided pigtails

I saw this little watering can on a bottom shelf tucked away and in sad looking condition, but the flower pattern and the retro green caught my eye. Once I have it a nice clean up it is actually in near mint shape, made in West Germany.

And my most fabulous score ... and nice big Catherinholm handled pot with lid in GREAT condition!
I recognized the lotus pattern from across the shop and grabbed it before anyone else (I don't think they were looking at all) but I really felt like I found a diamond in the rough. 

Happy Monday to you all! 


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