Crafty Minions December 2010: The Visual

The Crafty Minions sale on Saturday was the 2nd of it's kind, the first show being in August.
My display above is arranged on the desk from the set of Kelly Hughes Live!, a regular live talk show that takes place in the venue every Friday night. I think my creatures had fun peeking out from all the drawers! This sale also included vintage finds, so I was able to haul out some of my stash you may have seen in previous Found it! posts. 

The vintage kids rack was a hit! It was delightful to watch as 4 or 5 stylish parents hunted through the rack at the same time for just the right sweater or dress for the kiddo.

The room I was in was cozy and airy with lots of room for customers to move about. There were two other smaller rooms to this show as well, but I didn't get a chance to do an entire round of photos before I was needed back at the desk.

Some of the lovely crafters I shared the space with included Mel of Dizzy Dame

Mrs. Glockenheimen  storybook fun goodies

the lovely Cara

Tamara and her lady bug mug and her Lady T's

Paper beads, bangles and necklaces from Kwagala Foundation

And the lovely metal and feather creations of Alex.

There were about 23 wonderful vendors at this sale and I didn't even get to meet them all, but it was a great afternoon for vendors and shoppers alike. Next Crafty Minions sale will be in March and I am already looking forward do it!

Tomorrow you will get a peek of the 6th Annual This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Sale



Just the Goods said...

The vintage rack was BRILLIANT! YOu have such a rockin' eye =-) I'm glad it went over so well =-)

lulu said...

I bought the little vintage red corduroy sailor jacket and it was missing a button. I am so lucky. I found 2 exact buttons on Etsy so I can make it complete for my niece. It was a good vintage rack. It was hard letting some of it go. :)

marathon1981 said...

Oh I'm so glad you found some buttons for it! I had someone hunt me down all the sailor buttons they had but none of them were the same size! Glad you loved it! Some of the collection is now at Where the Wool Things Are until January if you have any second thoughts (:


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