All you wonderfuls!

Craft sale season has come to a close for me and I  still have 1 exam to write for school and a few custom orders before I can really relax for the holidays.

This little blog has been a great space that has kept me organized and somewhat sane in the last few months and I am thankful to all the wonderful readers out there who I've met and who tell me they are big fans of my kiddo too!

In appreciation for all the lovin, I want to share something back during the tight times ... and I am delighted to offer a discount in my etsy shop to my readers and friends. Just enter coupon code ILOVEYOU2 for 15% off your order during the holidays.

I hope you all have a warm and wonderful place to hide away these days.

All the love



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

thanks for all the great memories you stir out of my brain with your great vintage items!
I had those blue north star runners in 1976 for gym, wore them with my blue terry clothe one piece hooded romper
I thot I was soo hot!

marathon1981 said...

haha that's the best! hopefully more finds after this weekend, a nice thrifting break from craft stalls!


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