6th Annual TAYGCS: The Visual

This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Sale was my 4th and final sale this season and it was lovely to end off on a beautiful Sunday night with my favorite boy.

Above is a picture of the little diorama I set up using a wooden crate, a painting and my ceramic tentacles, cities and robots. I had a bicycle light and some battery LED's but craft shows are notorious for inadequate lighting! Due to the way the tables are positioned at the theatre where this show as held, little things got a little bit lost in the mix.

Here is my setup along one of the tables and using the theatre seats for cosy spots that monsters could rest. You can see my little crate way at the end.

And a side shot of all the creatures chilling out. Many of them now have new homes, and some of the rest are now in the shop.

It is always a delight to see how other crafters use the space at this sale and get creative with their displays. This was my neighbor's table (I truly forget her name!) and I like how she brought boards to make the seats into additional table space.

I was very excited to be able to meet the local heros behind Grumble Toy, Chris and Ainsley

Their creatures and toys are clever and quirky and my purchase treat for the evening was one of their gocco prints.

Andee from Sew Dandee had a great collection of local inspired merch and upcycled cosy winter wear

Another spin of the local inspiration was Roy's transit prints and buttons

These made me laugh because I did say "I remember that!"

Fused glass ornaments and decor from Dallas of Meld Fused Glass Designs added a bold splash of colour to the show

Upcycled skateboard belt buckled and jewelry from Mozy Rue

And all sorts of cleverness from Everything is Ticketyboo

There were many more wonderful people at this show and once again I did not get a chance to make my rounds for photos, or they didn't turn out due to low lighting and I wasn't about to flash people in the eyes while they were trying to set up!

I hope you've enjoyed my mini peeks into the local craft scene here in Winnipeg. For the rest of the season I will be attending as an excited shopper/visitor.



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

was great to see you there Kami!

marathon1981 said...

You too Ruth, I hope your craft season was great, are you doing any more shows after this?


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