WCV Craft Sale: The Visual

Today was the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Christmas Craft sale, my second sale of the season. Here is a few shots of my set up for this sale. My mini clothing line ornaments looked much bolder in person

The goal is to have a little bit of a different set up for each show I do, to make sure people who frequent local craft sales don't get bored seeing the same things over and over.

I have still been making creatures up until last night!

Just before doors opened I had a chance to look around a very wonderful and full room. The Vineyard church is set in an old manufacturing warehouse so it was a very large loft style room with 45+ crafters tables.

Across from me were the lovely ladies of Fille Crocheteuse.

Not only crafters featured at this sale but local foods as well including local honey products

A very clever wrist cuff display made from packing tape by Of Course You Can

Local pottery

Wonderful baking mixes and other products from The Good Food Co.

Baby bibs, blankets and more from Lilypad...

Jill Zurzolo and her great bags, dolls and baby shoes

I wish these little slippers were my size!

Leather feather earrings

Shiver Soaps that look good enough to eat

Wonderful looking homemade organic bread and salsa! 

Super cute leather jewelry and goodies from Rikki McDougall

Homemade German baked treats
Recycled fabric kids wear and accessories from Heike Eidse

Clever displays and crafts from Urban Peasant 

I loved the knitwear in takeout cups!

It was a wonderful afternoon and packed with excited shoppers. Marathon1981 was very excited and grateful to be a part of this fantastic community based show and will definitely be applying for next year.

If I took your photo and didn't include a link, please let me know where you can be reached! It was great to meet so many fellow crafters. Now to prepare for next weekend's TWO shows ... Crafty Minions on the 4th and This Ain't Your Grandmas Craft Sale Part two at the Park Theatre on the 5th!



Kelley said...

Love love-so glad to find your great blog!!

Leone said...

Visiting via Freckled Nest. Waaaay cool blog!

taylormadenews said...

wow i see something i love/want in almost every picture. good thing i didn't go, because i would have come home broke! haha

Allison said...

Hello, stopping by from FN! Looks like it was a great show :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

nova said...

Hey, I'm here via FN. Somehow I've never been to a real craft fair before in my entire life.

Maybe it's just your pictures but it looks like a lot of fun. And the stuff there is really cool!

kris said...

thanks for the props! the sale was super fun. are you going to have your ornaments at the sales next weekend? i LOVE them and want to pick some up for our kids - they get a couple ornaments each year to save in a box for their own tree when they move out...
kris (urban peasant)

natasha said...

I was envious of those brown cord slippers too. Dang my big feet!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

What fun! I've GOT to find a local craft fair...

Sara(h) said...

I love local craft fairs! I can't get enough of them. Thanks for sharing.

leyla said...

Cute set-up! I just did my first show a few weeks ago and was so stressed out about making my booth look cute and inviting. I think I succeeded, thanks to alot of help from my sister-in-law :)


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