Squints and Scribbles

These squinty little characters are a new experiment in styles and textures. My studio space is a serious mess right now because I keep pulling out fabrics to try out and I don't actually have a studio ... more of a space in my room ... but I like it.

And some mini little creepy rabbitface guys.

Also thanks to all the lovelies who have been stopping by from Freckled Nest! If you haven't seen the great giveaway check it out HERE!



Crafty Girl said...

dolls are crazy- but somehow cute!LOL

Suzanne said...

Hi from a FN visitor! I loooove your creatures! You're creative in a really fun/cute way. :)

Shelley said...

Hello! I'm visiting from Freckled Nest! Loving the blog & the creepy but cute creatures :)

Amanda said...

So cute! I was just looking around in your Etsy shop and I just *love* the pocket sloths!!! :)

djp said...

enjoyed your vintage stuff in your shop! and sooooo loving the record player you scored!


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