Found it!

This week I came across a fabulous collection of vintage pyrex kitchenware. The sunflower lid and the yellow base were on different shelves in the shop, but they matched perfect and had the same type of crumbs on them so I knew they were a pair!

Another great flower mixing bowl

This green flower bowl isn't pyrex brand but I just loved the bright colours and shape of the flowers

this wheat pattern matches a casserole dish with lid that I found in the summer time. I have a hard time not just loading my kitchen with pyrex items. I have a set of plates and a few mugs and bowls but these beauties will be at the Crafty Minions Handmade and Vintage Sale this coming Saturday.

And of course more vintage kiddo stuff that will be there too! This fur jacket is in great shape and the liner isn't ripped at all which is usually not the case with kid's coats.

I don't normally like these bunting bags but this one had such a cute fawn applique on the chest

light yellow is a fairly common colour for baby stuff but the leaf pattern on the collar of this cardigan is just so precious

I loved the diamond detailing on this one too.

Last of all I found a great vintage label maker! I have another one that isn't a great colour at all the strips won't stick to anything ... but this baby is bold and I've been labeling EVERYTHING!
Do you have a label maker? Don't you just want to label the world!?!?



tamara said...

visiting from FN


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

did you just change the look of your blog? or have I been following you in Reader for too long and don't know any better!?!?!

FN says hi and tells you to put in a good word for me over at the giveaway! HA HA!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks lovlies!

Lisa I changed it a few months ago (: Best of luck for the giveaway!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

hello! i am visiting from freckled nest! and those vintage bowls are soo awesome! i need some in my life!!

Kym said...

You do such great work! Keep it up and keep making beautiful things!

Amanda said...

I love your mixing bowls. I always see Pyrex kitchenware at antique shops and I always really want some, but so far I hav been able to restrain myself...

evasuejane. said...

they are wonerful!!

i'm entering the giveaway at FN.
i'm glad i found your blog!

i also like your pictures from the craft fair... i have been to so many holiday bazaars lately .. i really wish they were more like those pictures. [:


Annis said...

wow what great finds! ;-)
i found your blog via FN, and i love her give aways because i discover new blogs! i'm going to look around yours now :-)

Ashley said...

You have quite a little array of interesting items. Very fun. I found you via FN.
Ashley Belle

Laura Elizabeth said...

Those are some great finds! :D

Kim said...

Love the vintage bowls. I so wish I was better about digging around. I would have never found the lid.

Chelseabird said...

What great Pyrex finds! Love them!

mal said...

The 2nd bowl in, orange w the flowers, is the same one (set) my mom has! i just looove them!

Lauren said...

oh yay, i love the pyrex.


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