Found it!

I've been out and about finding treasures again this week and I've happen to come across to great vintage dresses and sweaters once again, as well as some other random goodness.

These sweet dresses won't fit Gwyn for a few years and I can just picture her walking to her first day of school in one of these!

Some great boyish sweaters

I've found it harder to find good boy's vintage that remains in good shape as well!

I love this vintage flower fabric. I think I will have to make some new girly creatures with it.

A funny little china cabinet electric clock

Some made in Germany wobble heads

These christmas cards have the sweetest doe-eyed boy. I think I will give these to everyone at work this year!

I wish wish wish I had glasses because I would get some great horn-rimmed ones and keep them in this case

And last of all a little tree ornament girl on a cherry blossom branch.

That's it for this weeks finds. I am preparing for another craft show coming up this Saturday at the WCV on Main Street. Details are on the left sidebar as well if you want to come by locally and say hi!
Happy Monday!



marysza said...

oh my! that fabric is gorgeus! and those little clothes also. i noticed that here in Poland if you want to dress your little girl in nice clothes.. you should visit just one second-hand. why people don't buy there clothes for kiddos! they are really beautiful! if i had a baby i'd buy loads of clothes there.. but now.. i can just admire..;d can wait to see some creatures you will make from this fabric!!;d

Miss Wendy said...

That first little dress is awesome, I would like one in a grown up size please and thank you. And the china cabinet clock is so great!!!

marathon1981 said...

yeah vintage kids clothes are the just the best. Somehow clothes in regular shops are just so ugly to me, pink and purple and tv characters and cheap cloth. I much prefer classic ones, and I really wish they were my size most times tooo!!!


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