Found it!

This week I have come across some amazing kids vintage clothing, one of my very favorite things to collect! I've been collecting this stuff since we found out we were going to have a little girl, and I just can't pass up a great piece if I find one.
This collection is also a little sneak peak of what I will be offering at the 'Crafty Minions: Handmade and Vintage Sale' at Aqua Books on December 4th.

This amazing red corduroy jacket is in perfect shape but is missing one little button!

This fabulous dress is one of Gwyn's new favorites so it will be staying in her collection for a time!

A bold little two piece for a boy or girl. 

Some great Health-Tex overall shorts with a lovely trio of sailboards

I wish this wooly rabbit sweater was my size! It is so thick and cosy and in great shape!

Another nautical piece with anchors, sailboats and waves

who doesn't love a cosy squirrel sweater

a little boy's helicopter sweater with clouds to boot

and a great geometric bright orange and white sweater.

Hope you've enjoyed my finds this week. I am willing to add some of these items to my etsy shop at special request but for now I'm stocking up for the locals, but I should have an etsy shop update coming this week ... just have to finish another school assignment first!



Cassandra said...

I LOVE the bunny and nautical sweaters! I wish I knew a little munchkin to dress up in them. :) Good luck w/your sales!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Cassandra, same to you!!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

Kami - what's the width of the missing button? I think I have some anchors ones almost/close the same...will look tonight!

marathon1981 said...

Ruth you are amazing! These buttons are 2cm wide, I looked through my stash too but no luck!!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

ok, I forgot to look last night but it's written down, I think mine are smaller


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