Found it!

This morning I went out for a quick thrift after class and came across this fabulous Fisher Price record player! I have been on the lookout for one of these to give to Gwyn for AGES and even the ones online got snatched up pretty quick, so I was very excited to find this one in working condition with all the discs!

We went for a family thrift on the weekend and found a few treasures together including another sweet little vintage doll for Gwyn's (growing) collection. Mike came with us too and found 4 different Trivial Pursuit games for $1 each (his favorite game, that no one will play with him because he is too smart)

A lovely stack of sweets containers. I like the combination of green and white and the font on these ones. They also have french on the other side.

I saw this jewel collage type cat and fell in love right away! I think he's the coolest ugliest thing ever and he's only missing a few sequins.

Here is another creepy cat guy with big big eyes.

And a comfy little granny square pot holder. At 25 cents, I just like the look of it!

Hope you all had an amazing halloween! We sure did, I'll share some pictures of our adventures later this week.



Cassandra said...

Cool! Congrats on your record player - I remember you wishing for one of those a while ago on here!

marathon1981 said...

Yes i totally did! Dream find!

b said...

i love going thrifting... you can find so many wonderful things. the funny thing is about that little record player, we have the same one at the daycare i work at- but we are missing some of the disks as i see in your photo! it's one of my favorite toys to play with, simple but musical :)


marathon1981 said...

b, seriously the best toy (: I want my girl to learn about records rather than mp3's and this way she won't break the good ones! (:

Angela said...

I popped over here from the FreckledNest...so glad to be here :) The FP record player is making me swoon - what a score! Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration, and the sweet giveaway!

becks said...

Visiting from FN, and loving your thrifty finds!

Shelley Laming said...

What fun finds! I have one of those vintage FP record players for my litle one & she loves it, too.

Bethany Kellen said...

i love your thrifted finds!
seriously jealous. i hope i get some thrifting luck my way soon!


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