Family Fridays

Today is the first big wonderful snowfall here in the prairies. I really do love the snowtimes, the only part that I could go without is driving. Gwyn and Mike and I got dressed up after work today and went out to play in the front yard of our building. This is the first snow that Gwyn has been able to play in and she didn't want to come inside. It's also wonderful to find a new way to tire her out because she has been super full of energy these days and nap time seems a thing of the past.

Earlier in the week on Sunday when the weather was still fine, our great adventure was going to the skies! Grandpa L has wanted to take his little girl flying since her 2nd birthday but schedules hadn't worked out until now, so the girl got her first plane ride.

She was very excited to have her own seat and headphones and buckle. I'm not sure if she understood what she was seeing out the windows, but she seemed enthusiastic about the whole idea.

Here is a beautiful view of the wonderful flat prairies where we live. 

The excitement must have been too much because half way through the ride Gwyn completely fell asleep! I tried to wiggle her awake but it was so warm and cozy in the plane she didn't budge.

After we landed she was still pumped about airplanes and going for a special lunch with Grandpa. We stopped in at the Half Moon Diner for onion rings and hotdogs before heading home.

And now we have the snow to play in for a good 6 months! 

Hope you have had a wonderful week. I've been trying my best to get out thrifting but mostly I've been getting ready for the up coming shows and I missed my Found It! post this week dues to lack of finds! But worry not, I should have something great to show you after this weekend.


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gina marie said...

What an adorable family! You are blessed. I love the name Gwyn too!



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