Current Project ...

Here are some shots of a commissioned project I have been working on for a company in the states. They asked me to make some large tentacles for their offices that they could colour themselves once they  had been delivered.

So far I have these two prototypes done and then I will see if they want me to make more! They are about 15 inches long and hollow inside for hanging on the wall. I've been having fun making things from clay again ... sometimes I just get wrapped up textiles and forget about working in other mediums. 

Today is a day off work so we're spending some family time together, crafting and possibly going for a swim. Have a great Thursday!



Cassandra said...

I love your tentacles. :) Sorry if I've asked this before (b/c I think I might have), but where do you fire your clay works? Do you have a kiln? Or go to a shop?

marathon1981 said...

I take them to a local shop called The Sounding Stone. I would love to have my own kiln but I don't think it would work in our apartment!

Wicky Woo said...

Love the tentacles! Very awesome!


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