The newest family

I've been working away at some new creatures these last few days, in preparation for all the local craft shows coming up in November and December. 

These lovely ladies have been made from vintage fabrics and vintage eyes that I came across. Wool scarves were used for their arms and legs, and doilies to accent their dresses. I love how they look like they are up to something ...

This fine lady is a Queen of the Sea. She has silver arms and tail and vintage lace accents. 

These creatures also have black lace trimmings and wooly arms and legs. 

I have been having so much fun rummaging through my fabric stashes and creating combinations of textures and colours for these new creatures. I have to remember that I still have school work to do, otherwise I would have an entire zoo in here!

And this little fuzzy owl creature would like to say hello.

Tonight I'm off to a halloween party with some friends, have a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween!



Cassandra said...

Ha! Those two ladies at the top DO look like they're plotting something. Cute.

marathon1981 said...

Thanks! They've been so much fun to make, I'm trying to ration out my collections of eyes to save them for the best ideas hehe

holly said...

these dolls are freaking ridiculously awesome. my children (one day) will never have barbies. only these. great work!

Megan said...

i love the little owl guy. lol
btw, i'm visiting from freckled nest. :)


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