My boy makes records

This week Michael went on a mini tour out to Thunder Bay Ontario to play with his electronic project Stand Alone Complex. This is the music he makes when Gwyn and I are asleep and his mind is full of creativity. I'm so proud of him and this week he gets to play a couple shows.

Friday night this week he will be a guest on the Kelly Hughes Live! local live talk show, and then Thursday October 14th is going to be the LP/EP/EP release party for the albums he has put so much work into.

If you're in Winnipeg come check out some great local talent, have a meal in the bistro and maybe dance a little. Visuals for the night will also be created by Kert Gartnet and DJ Joe Silva will be spinning some tunes. It's going to be a great party!

Event into HERE

This is a video clip created by our friend Kert, based on a painting that I did, set to music that Michael wrote.

Can you tell I'm proud of him or what!?


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