Found it!

This week Gwyn and I were on the hunt for more vintage sweaters and we were in luck!
I got her to come to the sunroom to be my little model and she has so much fun making faces and posing.

This mountain cottage sweater is a gem

and a sweet rocking horse sweater with funny vintage buttons

This bright orange ruffed sweater is a bit too small for Gwyn but she tried it on a looked a bit like and Bigbird

more retro mugs by Royal Alma. I really like finding this brand because the patterns are always so funky

These silly little egg holders match a pair of mugs I found a while ago

I love love love the mossy green of this sweet hippo planter. He's a bit big for my mini hippo collection so he might have to find a new home but he's just so cute.

and an elephant snack tray with a recipe for Dip Hindustani. I don't know if I'd try to make it though, I don't like thousand island dressing!

This super cute bowl mug and plate set was an exciting find, she's got the sweetest smile! Yesterday while I was doing photographs I discovered a crack in the mug! So disappointing! I think it might have happened during transportation too which is a bummer. I like to inspect things in the shop to make sure they're in great shape, but sometimes a thrift store clerk doesn't do the greatest job of wrapping breakables, or they get placed on the table at home (I usually unwrap on my bed) and cracks can happen in delicate stuff. But that doesn't spoil the cuteness!

Have you ever had a treasure break on the way home? Did you fix it or go back to the shop?

Happy Monday!



Cassandra said...

I've never had anything break on my way home or anything (knock on wood!). But I did find the perfect mirror for my bathroom once - it had a heavy ornate ceramic frame - I think it was PotteryBarn or something and I got it at the thrift for about $4. I brought it home and leaned it against a wall in the bathroom to hang later and it slipped down and cracked the frame. So upset. It was too far gone to fix, too. :(

PS: I love those sweaters!

marathon1981 said...

oooh, that's a bummer. At least it was only $4!! but still (:


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