Found it!

This week I found this amazing bright and bold crocheted granny square blanket. It makes me want to snuggle and have hot chocolate and cookies.

These quirky little owls on a log have real feather ears and tails, so cute!  I still can't get over owls. We saw 'The Guardians' movie last weekend and it was the CUTEST!! 

Some lovely children's vintage knit wear. I'll be brining these to Where the Wool Things Are!

I found this funny little doll for Gwyn's collection of 'girls'

And I found someone's collection of great silly salt and pepper shakers!

cacti are my favorite plants

I don't know what type of dog these guys are supposed to be but they have such funny smiles, and I love how one of the poodles is sleeping.

And last of all this special find ... Yellowknife-opoly! I didn't bring this one home, just got a photo because I thought it was pretty funny. For anyone who doesn't know Yellowknife, it is a really random place to make a board game of! 

Now I have some afternoon time to make more creatures and then off to lab for school!


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