Found it!

I finally found one of these great old polaroid cameras for only $4. I think it might still work because I pushed the button in the shop and it made some sounds, but nothing after that. Do they need batteries, or is everything in the film cartridge? Now I just have to come across some film!

This cute little snuggling owl planter reminds me of the movie 'The Guardians' that we got to see this weekend. It was really good actually. It made me think of 'Watership Down' except with owls.

This bags bag has a great font, I love finding these thick canvas tote bags, they seem to last forever!

Cute little wiener dog salt and pepper shakers. It's too bad their eyes are flaking off but it doesn't mean they aren't the sweetest.

 and another great retro mug.

This weekend is our Thanksgiving weekend so more time for family dinners and less time for thrifting, but I will never say no to home cooked meals and time with family. Hope you have a great weekend, today is our FOREST WALK! Pictures to come!



Amanda said...

OH MY GOSH. That owl planter is AMAZING and here's why. My mom collects those orange/red and black/brown ornaments and I love owls. I really really really want this because it combines the two of us. Would you be willing to part with it??

marathon1981 said...

Owls are the best! I would be willing to part with it, I had plans to list it in my shop this week. If you are able to have someone pick it up I can cancel shipping, or I can post it out to you.

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Great finds! Loving the salt and pepper shakers!


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