Found it!

This week in our travels Gwyn and I found an assortment of lovely and strange things.
This beautiful lacquer tray has my very favorite flowers, perfect for the season.

A warm wooly Snoopy sweater made of thick wool in great shape

Some fabulous ruffled wrapped hangers. These bring back so many memories of my great grandfather who used to make the best wrapped hangers. My closet still has many of the ones he made and I'll never give them away. Did your grandpa or grandma ever make these?

This great wooden handled leather clutch would look so great with matching boots and a warm sweater for a night out

Another lovely flower mug for my collection

This amazing coffee and cream set really caught my eye. The pattern is so bold and rich chocolate brown makes me want a warm cup of coffee right now! 

And this quirky little pig in a hat and tie. So fun!

 I just dropped off some of these treasures at Where the Wool Things Are at 61 1/2 Albert St. where they are carrying vintage and other local goodies. If you're in the area check out the shop, so cozy and amazing and they have Thursday night Knit Nights with snacks and everything!



Cassandra said...

Oooo I wish I lived in your neck-o-the-woods! I'd stop in for knit night for sure - even though I don't really know how to knit yet.

marathon1981 said...

I don't really know how to knit either! I'm gonna learn again one day but I for now I can crochet (:

Andrea said...

Firstly, my grandpa definitely made those ruffle hangers and my mom totally still has one of those pig in a hat and tie piggy banks (is that one a piggy bank?


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