Forest Walk 2010

Our little Thanksgiving Monday was a lovely and HOT afternoon. I still marvel at the wonderful weather we've been having here. All the leaves have found their place on the ground by now, but the beautiful open sky and white barked trees still made for a picturesque holiday forest walk.

Last year was a rainy day with my one brother and sister missing, so we didn't end up going, making this year Gwyn's very first. She did GREAT considering it was a pretty long walk for short little legs!

She spent lots of time in Omie's arms (my mum)

and held her own with her shiny silver boots on the trail

Taking a grape break on a perfect bum shaped rock

Hello from the lookout tower!

shoulder rides with uncle Josh

And the final trot to the parking lot with Grandpa and Omie and off to the house for turkey and potatoes and bubbet (stuffing) and veggies and cranberry sauce etc. It was a lovely day in the forest! 



Windsor Grace said...

Those silver boots are great!

marathon1981 said...

pretty sweet hey! Old Navy on sale!!


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