Family Fridays

Yesterday Gwyn and Mike and I carved up our little pumpkins for halloween! 
G wasn't so sure about putting her arm into a strange pumpkin and likes her hands wiped whenever they are sticky so she didn't want to grab the seeds. This is her with a spoon trying to help as best she can without getting dirty

She enjoyed putting the lids on and off

Michael also had a great time. Halloween is his favorite holiday-type day and there is nothing better than family activities around your favorite day.

Gwyn got to pick the big pumpkin's mood and she wanted a mad one. I think this fellow looks kind of confused, but very very cute.

G had her baby pumpkin which I helped her carve

Here they are in all their glory. We don't have steps to put them out on, but they will be looking menacingly out of our sunroom window out at the parking lot on halloween night.

And toasted salty pumpkin seeds afterwards!

Now that G is old enough for participating in activities we're trying to make our own holiday traditions as a family, carving pumpkins is definitely one of them now.

Do you have a favorite halloween tradition? I would love to know!


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