Family Fridays

It has been another quiet week around here. Most of our adventures have been pretty every day stuff, working on assignments for school and finding time to make creatures. Gwyn has been my little helper that's for sure. Yesterday I took her on a thrifting adventure to a part of town we haven't been to very much, and every shop we went to someone asked how old she was, because she was talking so much! I've never had a 2 year old before, but apparently I have a very talkative one for this age.  

This is our latest creature, Maltax Rabonky, inspired by one of my favorite plush artists Ninon

Tomorrow Gwyn and I are going to visit our friend's new baby Ezra who was born last month. It has been a while since I've held a newborn and I think I miss it a bit! (NOT having another one ... I just want to be an auntie!)

Have a fabulous Friday!


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