Family Fridays

This week Michael and Gwyn came to pick me up from work and we drove down the highway to the Half Moon Diner, a sweet little 50's style joint with hotdogs and icecream.

Gwyn loved the car bench with the lite-up break lights.

She was more interested in Marilyn Monroe than being in the photo

We had milkshakes, turkey dogs and onion rings for supper ...

then went for a walk down by the river behind the diner

Gwyn loved running in the grass and tackling mum!

Climbing on rock by the riverbank ... and then on our journey ...

to the pumpkin farm!

We stopped by to pick out a few carving pumpkins and well as some delicious squash to cook up for supper.

Gwyn found the little hay bale maze, just her size!

And a drive in the pumpkin tractor. It was a great afternoon, I will show you the pumpkin we end up carving once it's all done.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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