Family Fridays

This week Gwyn and I went walking to the Forks market on a lovely warm fall day. We had cute sweaters and skirts and tights on and it was just the perfect day to be out and about. 

We went to visit my sister at the cafe she works at and shared a delicious apple jack (I had a latte).

Then we just took some fun pictures.

This October is SO full of activities for our little family it is almost a little intimidating to look at the calendar, but it is going to be a fun month! I will share some of my new projects with you soon. This weekend I have my first school assignment to work on, which is kind of exciting in a nerdy kind of way.

Tonight Mike is on the radio playing his electronic project 'Stand Alone Complex' and tomorrow he heads on tour to Thunder Bay and hopefully sells a pile of the brand new cd's that just came in the mail. I am SO SO proud of him for being an amazing musician and daddy.

Hope you have an exciting weekend too!



Miss Wendy said...

Her outfit is so awesome! I love the tights and the little boots!!

marathon1981 said...

Hey thanks! The boots were a total score, we were looking for silver boots for her halloween outfit and found them at Old Navy on sale! She doesn't want to take them off ever! (:


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