Today ...

I have never liked pointy shoes very much until now. I always thought that they seemed impractical and uncomfortable. At least any of the ones I tried on. My feet were always too wide.

I will tell you a secret ... I have a bunion. But only one. My sister has one too, on the opposite foot from me. That's how we know we are connected. It makes finding cute shoes very hard. You can't cramp a bunion foot into pointy shoes, or shoes with high heels or narrow or stiff shoes. One shoe might fit great, but the cranky foot just won't allow it.
But these beautiful red shoes were poking out of the rack begging to be tried on because they were so cute, and just my size, and they are just the right fit for a picky foot!

And so I am hoping the snow stays away just a little bit longer this year so I can wear my cute little pointy red shoes with cozy tights and skirts.

Do you have a hard to fit secret too? 

I also want to tell you exciting news! Marathon1981 creatures vintage and objects are now available LOCAL at 'Where The Wool Things Are' 61 1/2 Albert St. in Winnipeg. I'm very excited to be selling at this amazing little local wool shop. If you are in the area be sure to check out her selection of fabulous yarn and local wares. 



marysza said...

i don't like pointy shoes too, but those look really interesting :) and my little secret? that makes me hard to find perfect shoes? yup;d my toes are super thin and long. my boyfriend laughs that they look like fingers;d and it really doesnt help with finding good shoes.. ;d

marathon1981 said...

hehe that's cute about your toes! My boy has fingery toes too and likes to use them to push buttons on the tv remote!

Cassandra said...

My hard to fit secret - I have monkey arms. They're really good for swimming fast - but not so great for finding sweaters that fit properly.

Congratulations on your brick and mortar location! That's so cool! Are you on consignment there (if you don't mind my asking)?

marathon1981 said...

Thanks for the secret Cassandra! I bet you're more graceful than you think (:
Not consignment at this one. The owner Mariver is wonderful and wants artists to be able to make more on small items so I "rent" space monthly and keep what I sell. Here's hoping for a busy month! (:


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