Tiny Things

As promised, here are some of the little dresses and skirts and skirts I've been working on to go along with the tiny little jeans. These will all have little brass hangers attached so they will make perfect little ornaments for your tree or houseplant or closet door. 

Sometimes I forget the joy of hand stitching and just go to the machine for speed, but there is just something so charming about one stitch at a time and being able to take a project anywhere with you. I've got some more design ideas for this little collection that I will show you as I go!

There is one more big craft show to apply for this season making a total of 4 winter ones. This will be the most I've done in a short time, so October is going to me a major making month! Serious excitement over here. Besides all that, I've got to bring more vintage treasures over to Where The Wool Things Are. I love it. Here is what my display looks like over there right now.

I love all the amazing colours in a wool shop!

I'm having a hard time believing that September is almost over! What's your October excitement?



Cassandra said...

I wish my excitement was craft shows. But I'm just not there yet w/my crafty endeavors. :(

So for now, my October excitement is the cider mills! And taking walks down our country road. And I can't wait to take the trip to pick out that perfect pumpkin for carving! I don't know what I'm going to carve yet though...

PS: I ADORE! those little things!

marathon1981 said...

Oh fresh cider, amazing!! And pumpkin picking is the best! There is a huge farm by here where they have rows and rows to choose from in all sizes, SO much fun (:


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