These days.

I started a yoga practice again. 
One of the girls I work with is a yoga instructor and has started up a Wednesday afternoon class upstairs from the bookstore/bistro where we work. My body is now so tired and so happy. 

is a windy and blustery kind of day. 
Which I love. My favorite is a comfy pair of jeans and a hoodie, slippers and scarves and toques and cowls and warm layerie things. I do not thrive in the heat at all and get many more things done when slightly chilled. Cups of tea. Cozy things. Make me happy.

I am taking a day off work.
I realize that being a long weekend, I don't really need an 'extra' day off, but I get all Mondays off, so I'm taking a Friday for my own. There are a number of things I need to accomplish tomorrow and long weekends are notorious for being weekends where very little gets accomplished ... especially when everything is closed! This will be my first day of missed work since I started my job last year.
I am going to do everything!

In 10 days my little girl will be 2 years old. This fact is slightly blowing my mind.

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