Nuit Blanche and Knitting the Bridge

Last night was Winnipeg's first 'Nuit Blanche' as a part of Culture Days, and Knitting the Bridge was joining in on the action. Gwyn and I showed up at 7pm for the installation of the collaborative knitting project on the 250 meter bridge (and the free cupcakes from Cake-ology!) We came with our contribution in red and green and my sisters in blue.

It was a beautiful evening with quite a breeze, but not cold.

It was great to be out with so many amazing artists, knitters, grandmothers, crafters and curious passers by. 

We came back this afternoon to see how the final installation looked and it was much more amazing than photos can show. It was almost 3 lengths of the bridge by the end! Amazing! Great work to everyone involved especially Jen and Kristin!

After our evening on the bridge Gwyn and I walked over to MAWA (Mentoring artists for women's art) on Main Street to see the Jungle installation that was a floor to ceiling experience.

There were colours and textures everywhere and looking there were huge jungle flowers.

And some interesting people who I believe were a part of the display as well.

From there we headed over to the Winnipeg Art Gallery to meet my sister and friends, checked out the Wanda Koop display, saw some contemporary dance and lots of arty looking folks. Didn't take pictures in the gallery though, but it was a great display.

By this time Gwyn was starting to get a little bit tired, but we had a long afternoon nap and hoped for the best! The group of us walked over to Portage Ave and Main St. to see the 90 second Quickie films played on the big screen above the TD bank building. We found a patch on the grass and snuggled up as the night was getting a bit chilly!

It was a great night to be out and having fun. Unfortunately Michael was in Saskatchewan over the weekend doing more work for his albums and wasn't able to come wandering around with us, but he is home tonight and we missed him terribly!

I really hope Winnipeg does an event like this next year and makes it ever bigger and better. There were already TONS of events happening over the weekend and we saw just a few but it was great to see the city out doing and making!


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