My Favorite Jeans

I've been working on some new little cute things for the new wonderful season.

These little jeans ornaments are hand stitched from denim with felty backings and mini brass hangers.

I'm going to be adding more items to this little hanging wardrobe over the next few weeks and I will show you peeks soon! I have so much fun vintage fabrics to use up for cute little dresses and skirts and shirts and sweaters. 



Miss Wendy said...

Too cute!! I can't wait to see the little dresses!

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

oh! love them - looking forward to more

Cassandra said...

Super cute idea! I can't wait to see the dresses either. Maybe some of those adorable vintage outfits Gwen owns will work their way into the designs...? ;)

Cassandra said...

Darn it! I knew I spelled her name wrong - sorry Gwyn!

marathon1981 said...

no worries Cassandra! Her vintage dresses are totally an inspiration! I'm gonna have pictures up this week! woot!


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