I Heart Cartography

Both Michael and I have been in love with maps since we were kids. We used to read atlases for fun at home and were aces at geography. And so I will share with you a small amount of map love.

This week I found this amazing game and a HUGE atlas from 1975.

I think we are going to try playing the game tonight. It has all the pieces and instructions and someone left some extra maps inside all for $1!

We have a small globe collection at home and I really want to find a moon globe and a constellation globe too.

I would love love love to have one of these amazing map quilts

I would love to try and make something like this for Gwyn but I think I might end up getting lost in the process.  

And one of my favorite etsy sellers Crafterall who does papercut topography.

I would love to hear about your map love too!

Happy Sunday!


1 comment:

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

I love making pin back buttons from old beat up maps and atlas's - so let me know when you get tired of that atlas and I'll gladly take it off your hands! :P


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