Found it!

This week most of our fabulous finds came from garage sales. Gwyn and I decided to go for a walk to check out the new Wolseley Wool shop and came across a few sales we weren't expecting.
We found these amazing vintage headphones that still work great, even if they are a little on the stiff side.

This awesome clock from West Germany still works and keeps great time. It winds up in the back and has a mighty ticktock!

A great little owl mug came from the same sale. This family had great junk! 

At another sale we found these two teeny tiny stoneware squirrels

and the sweetest mismatched eggcup couple ever. I love that the man is bald at the back, and the lady has Princess Leia hair!

Hope your fall weather is as wonderful as ours this weekend! 



PeriwinkleDzyns said...

love your found it posts Kami!
might those tiny little ones be red rose tea inserts?
and the clock is fabboo!!!

marathon1981 said...

they might be! I think they are even smaller although I don't exactly remember buying tea all those times ago hah

PeriwinkleDzyns said...

well, most of them are from the 60's and 70's.... :)


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