Found it!

This week my finds happened to come in wonderful fall colours. The leaves are changing here and some trees are already bare! Our family always goes on a Thanksgiving walk in the woods and these finds remind me of all the colours we will see very soon!

Above: This Japanese made teapot has a bright little metal jacket lined with thick gray felt.

Funny little onion salt and pepper shakers

More Japanese lacquerware shakers that Gwyn picked out.

This old tape dispenser is SUPER heavy. I believe the base is made from sand molded with an adhesive because it weighs a ton! 

A nesting doll apron with a hidden pocket. I have a small  collection of these dolls but I have to hide then from Gwyn because she likes to loose the baby ones.

I wish this stellar snow suit was Gwyn's size for this year, I'm totally in love with bright orange!

Speaking of bright, this sweater is so busy! But very very soft on the inside. G had so much fun being my little model.

Tell me about your favorite fall things!


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