Found it!

This week I found some more amazing treasures for Gwyn. This little computer is the same brand as the typewriter we found earlier. It's all wind up action, no batteries, no sounds ... and has some great pictures that are revealed one line at a time by typing on the keyboard. Now when I want to check email unfettered she can do the same without wanting to shut my lappy! 

This gorgeous knit dress won't fit for a few years but it's another one of those perfect outfits for a first day back to school.

And these sweet apple bum shorts by Health-Tex ... always one of my favorite vintage brands to find.

Another fantastic sewing/knitting craft tote bag. This one ended up in the shop .... I can only keep so many bags.

I'm always a sucker for a great piece of fabric, even if I have no idea what I will make with it. I think this circle stuff would look pretty good as an inspiration board background. Now to find a suitable frame.

More sewing inspired finds, two bags of thread on wooden spools. 
And a lovely rocking chair pincushion.

Hope you've been inspired by your finds too



Rachele said...

Oh my goodness! That little computer is adorable. <3

marathon1981 said...

isn't it? I find myself paying with it when it's sitting around hah!


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