Family Fridays

Fall is officially here! This is our most favorite season. Leaves are abundant and everything smells wonderful. We got a chance to play in a pile of leaves at my folk's place this week with my siblings and G had such a blast. 

The two tall old oak trees in the backyard have so many memories for us kids ... the leaves, hammocks in the summer, snow forts in between in the winter, shade in the summer ...

Here Gwyn is trying a piece of rhubarb my sister pulled from the garden. That's quite the sour face!

Doesn't she have the best little fall coat? It was one of our thrift finds and she gets so many compliments, I wish I had one to fit me too

Soon halloween will be around the corner and we are already excited. It will be Gwyn's 3rd, because we took her out when she was only 7 weeks old the first time. Cute babies are a great excuse for candy!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend starting now!


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