Family Fridays

Good morning Friday.
I am up bright and early today to get ready for school. I'm loving it! This class has no textbook, so far no readings or homework and a pretty funny prof. I thought I was having trouble in the lab because I hadn't used a PC for a long time, but then I was the first person finished the assignment, so I think I'm ok. 

We haven't had to many crazy adventures this week, other than settling in to a new fall schedule for the 3 of us. Gwyn has finally settled into her big kid bed but we have to lock her door or she comes into our room all the time and there were a few sleepless nights ... Mike has been working hard on getting his music out there into the world and I'm trying to be productive for the fall and keep my shop updated and work on getting set up in a new local shop (more on this soon).

But we are happy and healthy (besides a few runny noses). Stay warm!

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PeriwinkleDzyns said...

oh - I wonder if I know which shop??? good for you for getting out there!


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