Family Fridays (on Saturday)

A little late on the Friday post. I really did take the day off!

Our big event of this week was setting up Gwyn's crib as a big kid bed. It was an exciting and kind of scary moment for all of us! Evening time photos turned out a little blurry.

G wanted to get right in the mix and help daddy out. I don't think she knew what was happening to her bed but it was something new going on in her room.

Once everything was all together the next big step was getting her to sleep in it. Along with growing into a big kid, she learned how to open her own door ... and undo the baby gate on the other side. Luckily for the extra day off so unsettled nights and early mornings didn't interrupt a work day.

But we did all make it through the night and the next morning went out for family breakfast at a little cafe in our neighborhood.

G walked all the way there with her little stroller and had the biggest grin on her face the entire time.

We also spent some time at McNally Robinson bookstore. G loved the kid section and the upstairs with the big tree.

And this afternoon Gwyn and I ventured out to Steinbach for a birthday party with friends at the aquatic centre which was a real treat. The facilities were great for kids and it got them all tuckered out for a quiet drive home!
After the swim G and her friend Justice shared some raisins. We didn't bring the camera to the pool so this was the only shot we got of the afternoon.

After that, we found the huge MCC thrift store but only had 15 minutes before closing so we raced around for treasures as fast as we could before getting kicked out, and made plans to ditch the kids and come back another time. I'll have some photos of our finds for Monday!

Hope you've had a great weekend


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