Knitting the Bridge

Last night was the second meet up for an amazing local project going on called "Knitting the Bridge", organized by some wonderful women who want to promote knitting and crafting and community.

Salisbury House on the Louis Riel Esplanade every Wednesday starting August 18th from 6-8pm

We meet, we talk, knit (or crochet or knot or whatever fiber art you want!) eat, drink and have an all around great time. My favorite is a beer and eggs benedict while I crochet!

Fuller details of the project can be found HERE as well as the Free Press article HERE ... it was kind of exciting to be in the paper!

So far the length count was 18 meters. That is out of the 250m that we need to span the bridge! 

I already can't wait for next week's meet up!
What's your big project on the go?



Amanda said...

I wish I knew how to knit! I can crochet a TINY bit! Only a straight line.. haha!

Visiting from Freckled Nest!

Cassandra said...

Don't you just love the comradery of fellow crafters?! What a great event you've found. I didn't read the article yet, so maybe it explains - but what do you do with the knitted/crocheted project when you're done? Is it really one humungo long scarf? Or is it a bunch of little project that equal the length you quoted?

Cassandra said...

PS: I love crocheting as my project on the go. I know the basics - but I love learning new stitches and stuff - so once I get a handle on what I'm doing, I love how portable it becomes. I find it hard to sit still and do nothing so my hands like to stay busy. :)

kittycat said...

can i just say that i LOVE everything in your shop? i couldn't pick just one item.

nicole said...

ha ha what an amazing idea!

Just the Goods said...

Cool! Looks like an awesome time, and what a great group photo, too =-)

Jennifer said...

How fun is that?? Love it!


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