Found it!

This week I happened upon some lovely international finds, as well as some just plain great ones I won't be parting with any time soon!

A lovely pair of glass circle and square vases made in France

This special little Japanese-made sunflower mug for my collection

A set of 6 egg cups and spoons from West Germany

A great tin tray, made in England

These lovely vintage fuzzy velvety pillow covers. Now to find some pillows!

This plastic tea canister was all by its self and has the greatest font.

Mr. Lion is hanging in Gwyn's room for now. I love that someone took the time to create this touchable piece of wall art. 

And we found a lovely collection of beads and bangles ... but these did not come home with us this time. 

Hope your weekend was amazing! Back to work tomorrow ... Tuesday is the Monday at my work!



Cassandra said...

I love that lion! Textile art/relief masterpieces/fabric drawings - whatever they're called - is one of the things I'm always on the lookout for at the thrift stores.

marathon1981 said...

I've seen a few before but nothing so cute and well done! (:


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