Found it!

Over the weekend my sister and I had the amazing opportunity to attend a 'deadstock' sale!
This is is where someone has come across a warehouse load of old merchandise that has never been used, in this case, 60's and 70's clothing.

Some of the items had been water damaged, but the majority were still in great shape with tags and packaging still intact. The lovely lady of the sale had an entire back yard and basement filled with boxes and bags of colourful nylon and polyester and cotton for $1 each!!! They were moving house and had to get rid of the collection so she was parting with it at a very generous rate, much to our enjoyment!

These bright hight-waisted skorts (shorts with a flap in front of the legs to look like skirts) will be great fabric for a new project (read: they will never fit me!)

Along with these waaaaaaay too narrow bellbottom pants. But the patterns are just amazing!

A few lovely shirts that fit me perfectly!

I really like the double row of buttons on this blouse

And a few smaller items that will fit Gwyn in a few years

What a great rain coat don't you think!?

Thanks to the lovely Kristen for the bargains!

Have a great monday eve!



Cassandra said...

Seriously jealous over here. :) Congrats on such a great find of a sale! It's hard to believe things like that (new old stock/dead stock sales) still exist this many years later....and then poof! One lands in your lap. It's like secret hidden treasure, unearthed. How fun!

marathon1981 said...

yeah it blows my mind a little bit that a piece of history could be a pile of clothing (: It's like a time capsule of fashion!


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