Found it!

Check out these AMAZING mustard yellow Reebok high-tops! The toes are a little worn but they still have tons of life in them and the soft terry lining is SO comfy! I wore them out with some bright blue tights and a jean skirt and I think I got some funny looks (:

This great little lunch bag from the 1980s is the same make as my 'Rainbows Bring Happines' bag and would look so cute as a book bag or purse too.
This one is in the shop

A couple of great little cheese boards. I really liked the aged look of this one and the many types of cheese ... just so you don't get confused as to what it could be for!

This big eyed girl would be just the kind that Gwyn likes, but I don't think she needs to play with a knife. Also in the shop

and these amazing paint by numbers! They are currently hanging in my kitchen to cover some of the ugly that we are not allowed to paint over in our apartment. 

Hope you all have a lovely Monday off for those Canadians out there!



Hearthandmade said...

my aunty still has her white hi tops from the 80s that she wears to go to the gym lol...

*lets get physiiicaaaal, physiiiicaaaal*

I love that tray!

marathon1981 said...

High tops totally make me think of those old "Body Break" commercials with Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod!


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